Is CSSM For Me?

  • Do you desire greater intimacy with God and others?  
  • Do you want to be and do as Jesus did? Are you hungry to see the power of God in your life?
  • Do you have a passion to step out in faith and to see signs, miracles and wonders?
  • Do you want to be used by God to transform your spheres of influence?  
  • Do you want to be a revivalist?
  • Then CSSM is for you!
What is CSSM

First Year?

Students learn and develop a lifestyle of character and supernatural ministry. As a Christian, we are called to live from heaven to earth in both our physical and emotional well-being, our relationships, and our belief in the gospel. Additionally, prophetic culture, healing, evangelism, and demonstrations of the gospel in power are emphasized. Together with worship, activation, revival groups (small groups), and outreaches, this curriculum will empower you to live a supernatural lifestyle.



What is CSSM

Second Year?

In your first year, CSSM laid a foundation of spiritual identity, supernatural living, and the healing power of God in your life, both emotionally and physically. In a nutshell, you learn who you are, the benefits of your salvation, and that God speaks to you.

What God revealed and imparted in first year, we take to another level in second year. In Second year CSSM, you will learn what it means to be raised up with Him and seated in heavenly realms, how to operate as a citizen of Heaven, releasing heaven’s graces and administrations on earth. 



CSSM Curriculum

Our curriculum follows the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry Curriculum, which consists of the following courses:


Students will learn about their identity as sons and daughters of God and the expression, responsibility, and authority of their identity.


Students will learn techniques develop communication skills and learn how to get feedback to cultivate healthier relationships and communities.



These courses will teach our students about the power of your personal relationship with God and how spiritual practices can build and strengthen that relationship.


These courses will teach our students about a wide range of topics regarding leadership, including how to lead others from a position of love and connection.

Kingdom Culture

Students will learn about the characteristics and nature of the kingdom and how to cultivate kingdom culture in different spheres.


Students will be introduced to various theological concepts, foundational kingdom beliefs, and ways of studying the Bible.

Supernatural Living

Students will learn how to live spiritually and cultivate gifts and practices such as healing, prophecy, evangelism, intercession, deliverance, and prayer ministry.

Course Structure

Your time at CSSM consist of the following:

Face to Face Sessions

Students have a choice between attending CSSM Online via Zoom or Onsite at our Century City Campuses in Cape Town. During the face-to-face sessions students either engage with live lectures or watch teaching sessions from the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. During school nights we also spend time in worship, share testimonies and meet in small groups. The purpose of the small groups is to reflect, practically apply what was learned and review/ discuss new insights.

Online BSSMequip platform

All CSSM students have access to their own account, on the online platform called BSSMequip. All the compulsory weekly teachings are loaded onto each student’s account. Students can access this platform via the internet on a PC or laptop, or as an app that they can download on their phone or tablet. Once students have registered, they will receive their unique login details for this platform.

Saturday sessions 

Students will attend 5 Saturday sessions per school year. We will also have a CSSM Conference at the beginning of the year. Please see the calendar for specific dates. 

See Calendar

Homework Assignments

CSSM is focused on personal transformation.  During the school year, students engage with a variety of assignments and online teachings, called Homework Assignments.  These tasks are completed during daily life; and not during CSSM contact time. For more specific information click on the link:

First Year Onsite

Second Year Onsite

First Year Online

Second Year Online


Students commit to engaging with the content one night a week. Some weeks we will meet face-to-face or other weeks students will have time to complete homework assignments. Sessions run from 7 pm onwards. We also have a conference and five Saturday sessions. Due to COVID restrictions and changes, this might not be fully possible in 2022.

Onsite Calendar 2022

Online Calendar 2022

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Requirements to Participate

Practical Requirements
  • Have access to a minimum of 8GB of data per month
  • Have access to a laptop or PC and/or smartphone
  • Have an active email address
  • Access to Zoom
Approximate Time Requirements
  • Attend bi-weekly face-to-face meetings during term time. 
  • Complete one online teaching and its set questions per week during term time  
  • Work through 1 assignment every six weeks. 
  • Attend 5 Saturday sessions and a Weekend Conference during the year
  • Complete 6 Faith Risk Challenges during the year

We Owe The World An Encounter With Jesus!

CSSM will equip you to find your identity in God, prepare you to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, and release you to your divine purpose.