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Our vision

As Bill Johnson says,

“We owe the world an encounter with Jesus.”

We seek to demonstrate God’s grace, His unconditional love and transforming power to see the sons and daughters of God in all nations awaken to His goodness and love.

We desire…

  • To display the glory of God and to impart the Kingdom of Heaven wherever we go.
  • To be challenged and go to new levels as leaders.
  • To encounter God in new ways and bring people into these encounters.
  • To continue to see increase, going from glory to glory.
  • To see signs, miracles and wonders by bringing the Message of Love.

Nature of CSSM outreaches

Outreaches activate students for hands-on ministry by sending students into the communities in and around Cape Town.  Students learn to walk out a supernatural lifestyle of evangelism and service.  Goals for outreaches include learning to share your testimony and leading someone to Christ, confronting fears f evangeling to strangers, learning to pray and heal the sick, and giving encouraging prophetic words.

When do students go on outreaches?

We encourage students to make ‘outreaches’ part of daily living, like loving people in your grocery store.  CSSM arranges four official outreaches on set Saturdays.  It is compulsory for students to attend these.  Students are also encouraged to pray at hospitals, get involved in community projects or to connect with other evangelistic ministries in their church or city.

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102 Suntyger Building
Willie Van Schoor Avenue