Our Leadership Team

Our team consist of dynamic leaders and revivalists who truly lay down their time and resources for this school.  They passionately love God and to see lives transformed by His Presence. 

Senior Leadership Team

Our Core Leadership team consist of Esmé Schmitt  (Director and Dean of Online School), Debra Brinkworth (Administrator), Trudie Broekman (Dean of Mowbray Campus), Gerhard van der Merwe (Dean of Mowbray Campus), Lauren Bluch (Dean of First Year Bellville Campus) and David de Vernon (Dean of Second Year Bellville Campus).

Revival Group Leaders

Besides the above core team, we also have several revival group leaders.  Students who have completed Second Year CSSM are invited to join this team.  This is a further opportunity for students to be equiped, to minister and to be raised as a leader.  These revival group leaders lead small groups of students pastorally throughout their CSSM year.  


102 Suntyger Building
Willie Van Schoor Avenue


Unit 10, Gateway Centre

R43, Main Road