Our Leadership Team

Our School has a dedicated team of volunteers who eagerly sow their time, effort and resources into others.  We live to love like Jesus did.  Our team members are passionately in love with Jesus, desire to see heaven invade earth and are leaders in their various spheres of society.  Together we want to see people encounter the transforming power of God! 

Core Leadership Team

We have a core leadership team who oversees the school., this team is Esme Schmitt (Director and Dean of the Online School), Debra Brinkworth (Administrator),  Sakkie Filmater (Financial Advisor), Lauren Bluck (Dean of First Year Bellville Campus), David de Vernon (Dean of Second Year), Trudie Broekman (Dean of First Year Mowbray Campus), Gerhard van der Merwe (Dean of Mowbray Campus) and Sarah Stewart (Leader of Revival Groups).  CSSM is under the apostolic leadership of Bill Bennot (senior pastor of Journey of Grace).  Bill Bennot also personally oversees our school.

 Revival Group Leaders

We also have a dedicated team of Revival Group Leaders who pastorally guide a small group of students during the year.  Students who have graduated from Second Year are invited to join this team.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to be further equipped in ministry and leadership.



102 Suntyger Building
Willie Van Schoor Avenue


Gangstar Cafe
65 Main Road


Face-to-face contact
via ZOOM or
small hubs