What to expect

CSSM is designed to be a ministry training center where our students embrace their royal identity, learn the values of the Kingdom and walk in the authority and power of the King. It is a transformational experience and your life will be forever impacted!

History and background

CSSM was launched in Cape Town in 2014 by two graduates of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (Redding, California). Our school is a BSSM school plant and we make use of the BSSM DVD curriculum. Over the years we have hosted various leaders and speakers from Bethel Church including Danny Silk,  Kevin Dedmon, Paul Manwaring, Steve Backlund, Theresa Dedmon, Chuck Parry and others as well as various Bethel teams and Bethel missions teams.  Locally we have had a number of revival leaders teaching including Bill and Connie Bennot, Nigel and Debbie Desmond, Carol Campbell, Esmé Schmitt, Lauren Bluck, Ferdi Swanepoel and more.   Speakers and authors who form a big part of our core curriculum include Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton and Danny Silk.

Each year has been marked by increase and momentum. We have been privileged to have students from over 49 churches in our region get set ablaze in the reality of their God given identity, taking radical risks and seeing healing, miracles and transformation as they step into what Jesus has made available for us all.  2021 will see our eighth intake of 1st year students and fourth intake of 2nd year students.  In 2021 we also launch our ONLINE school for the FIRST TIME!


The atmosphere of the school is built around the presence of God. Passion, purity, power and love of the presence of God are center stage. We also place a high priority on building a culture of worship to express our love for God’s Presence.

Revivalist Lifestyle

Our mission is to develop the revivalist God has created each student to be. We expect students to grow in the Truth, to allow the Truth to save and transform their lives, and ultimately, to radically live it.

Academic Life

CSSM is not for the fainthearted. It is an extremely fast paced season of schooling and you must be ready and willing to invest time and energy. Students that attend the campuses in Cape Town are required to attend classes on Tuesday nights, do 30 minutes of weekly homework,  do 1.5 hours of book reading a week and attend six Saturday activations/outreaches during the year.   Students who attend the online school are required to watch weekly teachings, attend bi-weekly face-to-face meetings on zoom, do 30 minutes of weekly homework, do 1.5 hours of book reading a week and attend six Saturday activations/outreaches during the year.

Students are also expected to attend more outreaches during the month.

At CSSM we emphasize experiential learning along with academic understanding. Students not only develop a mental understanding of living a supernatural lifestyle as a revivalist, but are also encouraged to step out in faith.  As students take risks, their faith is stretched and they learn to do what Jesus did.

Revival Groups

Each student is placed in a revival group that is led by a CSSM leader.  This revival group meets regularly during the year, during class (or zoom) time.  The aim of revival groups is to build community, to discuss and impart core revival values and to activate students in personal revival.

Diverse Culture

One of our unique strengths is that we host students from many diverse cultures and churches. In 2017, we also had our first international student.  Our diverse student body increases our cultural awareness and adds joy and the pleasant sound of many “tribes and tongues” to our environment.

Your personal transformation

Attending CSSM is a transformational experience. Our desire for each student is the following:

  • discover their identity in Christ.
  • develop a deeper intimacy with God and other believers.
  • learn and live out Biblical Kingdom Values.
  • learn to walk in the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • learn to study and love Scripture.
  • get equipped in ministry

Is CSSM for me?

  • Do you desire greater intimacy with God and others?  
  • Do you want to be and do like Jesus did? Are you hungry to see the power of God in your life?
  • Do you have a passion to step out in faith and to see signs, miracles and wonders?
  • Do you want to be used by God to transform your spheres of influence?  
  • Do you want to be a revivalist?

Then CSSM is for you!

Leadership School

CSSM is not a rehab, nor is it a discipleship school for those coming out of lifestyle sins. At CSSM, we do not focus on correcting student behaviour, but rather reinforce and grow their “Revivalist Lifestyle.”  It is a place of freedom where students can find their true identity in Christ.


102 Suntyger Building
Willie Van Schoor Avenue


Gangstar Cafe
65 Main Road


Face-to-face contact
via ZOOM or
small hubs