Who We Are

We are a ministry training center that enables our students to reclaim their royal identity, learn the values of the Kingdom, and exercise their authority and power as disciples of Jesus. This is a transformational experience and your life will be forever impacted!

Our Mandate

Raising up matures sons and daughters to bring heaven to earth

Our Vision

“On Earth as it is in Heaven” An Endless Revival: The Kingdom Come in Cape Town, South Africa, Africa and all the Earth.

Our Mission

To inspire, equip and activate multi-generational revivalists who passionately pursue worldwide transformation in their God-given spheres of influence. We do this through facilitating encounter and enduring intimacy with God, leading to a supernatural lifestyle founded in a renewed identity as sons and daughters of a Good God.

History and Background

This ministry was founded in 2014 by two graduates of The Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM), Redding, California. Our school is a BSSM school plant, and we use the BSSM curriculum and online platform (BSSMequip). Over the years BSSM teachers Kevin & Theresa Dedmon, Steve & Wendy Bucklund, Kris Vallotton, Danny Silk, and various Bethel mission teams have ministered at our school. Teaching from Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, and Danny Silk form the backbone of our curriculum.

Local ministers at our school include Bill and Connie Bennot, Nigel & Debbie Desmond, Esme Schmitt, Carol Campbell, Ferdi Swanepoel, Lauren Bluck, Augustin Elysee, and Christine Hajabakiga.

Since 2014, our school has been marked with growth and momentum, impacting over 100 churches and ministries throughout Africa. Our leadership teams are made up of CSSM Alumni from various different churches. In 2021 we launched our first Online school with students from Liberia, Malawi, Cameroon, and South Africa. In 2022 we will offer both First- and Second-year courses in our Onsite and Online Campuses.  

What To Expect

In addition to the countless reasons you should join our school, here is what makes us different.


Our CSSM leadership team consists of dynamic leaders and revivalists who truly lay down their time and resources for this school.  They passionately love God and want to see lives transformed by His Presence.

Our Leadership Team

We have a dedicated team of volunteers who are eager to give up their time, effort and are committed to loving as Jesus loved. In addition to being passionate about Jesus and passionate about seeing heaven come to earth, team members are leaders in their spheres of influence. Together we desire to see lives transformed by God’s transforming power! 

Core Leadership Team

Our Core Leadership Team consists of Esmé Schmitt (CSSM Director), Debra Brinkworth (Administrator), Sakkie Filmater (Financial Oversight), as well as a Dean for each of our campuses. CSSM is under the apostolic leadership of Bill & Connie Bennot, senior pastors of Journey of Grace. Our school is also a ministry of Journey of Grace but has the apostolic mandate to be a resource for the body of Christ in Africa.  Due to this reason, our school has a bank account linked to Journey of Grace and we are under the rigorous financial oversight of Journey of Grace. 

Revival Group Leaders

During the school year, we also have a dedicated team of Revival Group Leaders who minister pastorally to small groups of students. These are students who have graduated from their Second Year. The opportunity to further develop ministry and leadership skills is tremendous for our students.

We Owe The World An Encounter With Jesus!

CSSM will equip you to find your identity in God and release you into your divine purpose.