We follow the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry Curriculum and focus on the following courses:

Identity: These courses teach you about your identity as sons and daughters and the expression, responsibility, and authority of your identity.

Intimacy: These courses teach you about the power of your personal relationship with the Trinity and the spiritual practices that form and strengthen that relationship.

Kingdom Culture: These courses teach you about the characteristics and nature of the kingdom and how to cultivate kingdom culture in different spheres

Supernatural Living: These courses teach you how to live supernaturally and how to grow in spiritual gifts and practices such as healing, prophecy, evangelism, intercession, deliverance, prayer ministry, and more. 

Relationship: These courses teach you about how to steward your heart and emotions and give you tools for communication and feedback in order to cultivate healthy relationships and community. 

Leadership: These courses teach you about a variety of leadership topics including how to influence and lead others from a place of love, connection, and kingdom identity.

Bible: These courses teach you about various theology topics, foundational kingdom beliefs, preaching, and provide practical information on how to study the Bible. 

Our courses are taught either through video, or using truly anointed national and international speakers.  


CSSM students attend  weekly sessions  on Tuesday nights (except during South African Public School holidays), for about 3 hours in total.  During these classes students either listen to either live lectures (by esteemed ministers of the gospel) ,watch video teaching sessions from the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and participate in sessions by local revival leaders and international speakers from Bethel, Redding and relationally connected ministries.


For the first time, all CSSM students will have access to an online platform containing resources to watch and listen to.  All videos and live teachings that students watch or listen to during school night, will be available online; as well as the notes to those videos.  Students will also have the ability to watch or listen to supplementary videos to strengthen their learning at school.  This online platform is a fantastic addition to our school!


Reading is a large part of our curriculum.  Students have to read a prescribed number of books during the academic year and complete book reports on each book.   To complete the required reading, students are expected to read at least one book every month and a half to two months.


Homework at CSSM is focused on personal transformation.  The aim of homework (which includes the reading of books, writing book reports and completing other tasks) is to give students opportunity to reflect on what they have learned and to internalise the concepts and revival culture taught at school.  Homework is also an opportunity for the hungry heart, soul and mind to be satisfied by the wisdom of God and to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  While there are no grades given, participation, excellence, and timely completion of homework is expected of each student.  Students are expected to do 2 – 5 hours of homework every week.


Students attend 6 Saturday Activations/Outreaches per school year.  On these Saturdays students practise what they have learned on Tuesday nights, receive training in how to move in signs, miracles and wonders, and also get the opportunity to participate in various kinds of outreaches in the Western Cape.  Besides Saturday outreaches students also have the opportunity to attend weekly outreaches like hospital ministry with Flynn Goodwin and treasure hunts.


Graduation means you have completed the academic, attendance and financial requirements as well as spiritual tasks for the year with honour. Only those who successfully complete First Year will be considered for the Second Year program. To be eligible for a Certificate of Completion, students must have:

Completed all assignments satisfactorily.

Paid their tuition in full.

Been absent less than 8 school days.

Attend at least 3 Saturday Outreaches/Activations

Demonstrated consistent godly character.


The academic instruction at CSSM is unique because it is taught by local and international apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. Students will learn how to read, understand, and “do” the Bible, how to practice His presence, to witness, heal the sick, prophesy, preach, pray, cast out demons and much more.


The first year programme is designed to create an environment where students can safely take risks as they learn and develop a lifestyle of character and supernatural ministry.  The curriculum focuses on teaching about identity in Christ and how to operate in signs, miracles and wonders.  There is also a strong emphasis on developing a prophetic culture, healing, evangelism and demonstrating the gospel in power. Combined with worship, activation, revival groups (small groups) and outreaches this curriculum will empower you to live a supernaturally lifestyle.


The second year programme is build on the 1st year programme.   It focuses on practical leadership principles, apostolic governmental structures and deeper activation in gifts of the Spirit.  There is a strong emphasis on how to lead people and to steward spiritual inheritance in order to leave a legacy for the next generation.  

Combined with worship, activation, revival groups (small groups) and outreaches this curriculum will empower you to live a supernaturally lifestyle. 


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